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   Heilongjiang Polytechnic Institute of Agriculture was founded in 1948, Its predecessor was the nationally known Heilongjiang Jiamusi Agricultural School, In March 2001, approved by the Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government Heilongjiang Jiamusi Agricultural School was promoted to Heilongjiang Polytechnic Institute of Agriculture, which has entered the ranks of colleges and universities nationwide.
  During the sixty years history since the Institute was founded, especially during the ten years since it was promoted to vocational college, it follows the "service for the purpose of employment-oriented, take the road Combination", made the purpose to cultivate high technical specialized talent who adapt production, construction, management, service as a fundamental, Starting from the updated teaching concept, keep on increasing construction of connotation, college school size, school conditions, school quality have been greatly improved, the college's teaching reform, professional development, curriculum development, faculty building, school-enterprise cooperation, foreign exchange, employment, research work, social services, support services and administrative and other work have made brilliant achievements. In 2006 the Ministry of Education of Higher Vocational Colleges level assessment were rated as excellent schools, in 2011 passed a new round of college Higher Vocational Training job evaluation, 2011 was identified as the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education "Heilongjiang Vocational College Building backbone of the project in schools"!
   College has opened a great number of teaching units, such as Institute of Agronomy, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Animal Science, Biological Science and Technology, Electrical Engineering, Information Engineering College, Trade School, College of Foreign Languages, Department of Marxist Theory Teaching, Military Physical Education Department and other ten teaching units. Creation of crop production technology, green food production and management, seed production and management, crop production technology (agricultural marketing direction), plant protection, horticulture, landscape engineering, landscape technology (garden flowers direction), Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary ( feed and animal nutrition direction), animal medicine, animal medicine (Pet conservation and disease control direction), bio-technology and applications (fermentation and enzyme preparations direction), bio-technology and applications (plant tissue culture, mushroom biotechnology direction), bio- pharmaceutical technology, food processing technology, food nutrition and detection (food safety direction), pharmaceutical marketing, electromechanical integration technology, mechatronics technology (mold design and manufacturing direction), electrical automation technology, vehicle inspection and maintenance technology, automotive electronics technology , automotive technical service and marketing, engineering, measurement technology, computer network technology (Beida Jade Bird Network Engineer direction), a software technology (Beida Jade Bird Software Engineer direction), a software technology (Watson - Hitachi's software engineers direction), computer art and design, film and television animation, electronic information engineering, commerce, accounting, accountant (CPA orientation), logistics management, tourism management, hotel management, finance, insurance, chain management, business Japanese, Business English, application Russian, customs and International freight and other 47 professional. Has three central financial support to key construction professionals, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture a key disciplines, three provincial financial support for key construction professionals, two provincial-level vocational education teaching reform courses, 11 provincial quality courses .
   existing staff of the College is 437 people, including 268 full-time teachers, among them 32 professors ,155 doctorates and masters, 3 national teachers, three provincial teachers , a provincial teaching rookie, 3 provincial excellent teaching team.
   College education has always kept in personnel training combined with social needs, focusing on improving quality of teaching, education teaching reform. Actively promote the "school-enterprise cooperation, engineering alternating" "2 +1", "3 +3" training mode, and Bayer CropScience (China) Co., Ltd., Shandong Jingbo Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yurun Food Industry Group Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Bo Lunte Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. and other domestic and foreign enterprises to establish a cooperative relationship, "Bayer classes", "Beijing Boban", "Bo Lunte class", "Watson class", " Bluebird class "training classes and other orders have entered teaching phase. During the process of expertise in setting and adjustment process, college organized personnel to go to community college employer survey, and employers about the leadership and technical staff to study production, construction, management, professional and technical posts first-line service personnel needs vocational status, common argumentation professional setting and adjustment, jointly determine the training objectives and standards of training, personnel training programs developed jointly make an annual increase or adjust professional can better adapt to the needs of society. In the curriculum, the college in accordance with the requirements of vocational education and training goals, adhere to the principle of capacity-building at the core of the development of the professional teaching programs. Teaching plan to break the traditional teaching model youngest segment, so that students practical aspects involved in the production as much as possible, while compressing theoretical teaching, increase the proportion of practical teaching. Meanwhile, the establishment of restricted elective modules and optional modules curriculum courses encourage students to learn the professional courses at the same time, according to their own interests and career competing needs to choose to learn other courses, students focus on personality development. College to focus on the students' practical skills training and assessment, unified organization of students to participate in the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the Heilongjiang Provincial education, labor, finance, information industry and other administrative departments at all levels of professional and technical skills test, examination and promotion awarded national recognition and social common vocational skills certificate, certificates and job qualification certificates. The college has specific types of vocational skills identification station 62 can be identified early, middle and high three levels of professional jobs.
   Institute pay close attention to the overall quality of students, actively create a good and harmonious development environment for students, Institute organized and set up a variety of cultural, sports, science and technology community organizations to use spare time to carry out various activities in the rich cultural life of students on campus, at the same time exercise the students the ability to improve the quality of students. Institute attaches great importance to students' employment work. The "full employment guidance" as a working target, for students from grades one to three graduates and Graduates facing choice of occupation, institute implements employment guidance during the entire process. Institute has established colleges and department --- two employment agencies for graduates, forming a full-house of all departments and all staff to participate in employment pattern. College signed employment agreements with freshmen each year when they just have entered into Institute, when they are going to graduate, the college will provide them jobs, and ensure successful employment to them. College also take method like “ go out and come in”and actively explore the job market, school-enterprise cooperation to establish a stable base .For the past few years, In succession establish Long-term cooperation relationship, has signed the “order agreement” with more than 300 kinds of employers in Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Qingdao, Weihai, Yantai, Tianjin, Wuhan, Ningbo, Xuzhou, Guizhou , Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Harbin and other places The initial employment rate of our graduates in 2007, ranked first among vocational colleges in the province. In 2009 the province of university employment job evaluation work of outstanding institutions in access to employment, by the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education awarded the province's college graduates' employment of advanced collective title. The Institute keep on broadening educational channels, strengthening exchanges and cooperation, for the past many years with Japan Senshu University Junior College, Hokkaido, Hokkaido Takushoku University Junior College, Niigata comprehensive college, Tomakomai Komazawadaigaku, Shizuoka prosperity College, Chiba Institute of Science, warehouse Kurashiki University of Arts and Sciences, Okayama University, the Russian Far East National Humanities and Social Sciences, Nakhodka Business Technology Institute and other 10 institutions established cooperative relationship, with the Khabarovsk Golden Bird Corporation signed cooperation agreements about internships of student employment has opened up channels of employment abroad for graduates.
   College insists on direction of running services which is "three problem concerning agriculture" agriculture, horticulture two backbone of the professional as essence, the Sanjiang Plain as the key to college, "grow add Testing Center" as a base to build a long-term research base network, in that way, has formed one company, two bases, experts throughout, farmers as industry chain service model, has made a big contribution for economy of the local rural. In order to implement the spirit of the provincial government, give full play to the role of agricultural technology demonstration universities, colleges and County Baoqing, County Linkou have established to build cooperation, two cadres were sent from our college were sent to these county as deputy head suspended duties, for several years, on account establishment of agricultural science and technology experts compound, construction of agricultural demonstration zone, the implementation of technology-home enrichment project, conduction of agricultural training and other forms of advanced and applicable technologies, which has made the farmers technical quality, quality of agricultural products, standardization of agricultural production and farmers' income has been significantly improved.

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